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I actually watched a video where a guy went to japan and sat down with a guy that is a master sword smith and his father was and his father and so on and so on....They keep that stuff in the family over there. But he does everything just as his ancestors did. Including quenching in water. He said that even after all that work....and they do ALOT of work.....just think we use things like a kmg grinder. Now think if some one took your grinder and handed you a series of polishing stones! I think a lot of people would give up and the ones that didn't the price of their knives would SKYROCKET. But anyway this guy said even the best sword smiths only have a 60% success rate with water...Like I said imagine doing all that work just to watch 40% of your blade break in half....But they do it the "old" way on purpose not only are these men creating absolutely amazing swords in every way. But they are the sole owners of a craft and tradition that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. They teach there apprentices to do it the same way to keep this tradition alive. I would like to think that 1000 years from now when we are all flying around in our cars and have colonies on mars that somewhere there will be a sword smith polishing his swords with stones and quenching in a bucket of water. Who know by then we might have a material that is better than steel and doesn't need to be heat treated who knows. I bet there will be a few of these sword masters still around....I had to watch that video 2 or 3 times cause the subtitles in English went by so fast. It was about a 20-30 min video. I thought I had it in my favorites took a quick look didn't see it I will check again and post the link if I can find it. its a cool lil video
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