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I thought what I wrote might be confusing, hard to describe in words, so I made those "overlay" pictures. All the post 1963 Solingen 14s were humpbacks (not too sure about the 1950s first 500), all had a narrow ricosso, 1/4-in slimmer than the Orlando blades, and the Solingen knives themselves were slimmer throughout their profile than their Orlando cousins except at the "hump"...

Furthermore, I think the Solingen blades were a little thinner too, though they were supposed to be 1/4-in stock. Regrinding the Solingen 14s for teeth from the original blade blanks made the point of the teeth model have more of a taper, more spear-point, than the purpose forged Orlando blade. I do like the shape, almost a "model 2" with teeth...

Talking with my brother tonight, he said he ordered his Orlando carbon blade teeth 14 in December '65, or January '66. In his order he wrote that he was about to be deployed to Vietnam. He received his knife in June along with a personal, hand written letter from Mr. Randall himself. He said he regrets he did not save that letter.

He mentioned again that Randall sent him a replacement Solingen direct to Vietnam in 1968 after his original was lost in combat, and even thinks the shop may have sent it free of charge, or on credit for payment when DEROS. When I told that story to Mr. Gaddis, he said that would be consistent with the type of person Mr. Randall was.

My brother also said the catalog he referenced when he ordered his original knife listed teeth option for the model 14 including the phrase "cut through the skin of a helicopter.." Now I am confused... because I thought the only teeth mentioned in a 1965 catalog were for a model 18. I'll need to research this...

Last thing... my brother struggled mightily in Vietnam to keep the rust off of his Orlando carbon blade.. mostly to no avail despite daily oil, grease, and care. No wonder stainless became the dominant material.

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