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I can offer my opinion that 90% of all home stabilizing efforts fall very short of commercial results. The difference comes in two major areas: one, the chemistry and two, the available pressure.

The professional chemistry is very expensive and has a short shelf life so you probably won't be using that. There is a good runner up though called Cactus Juice. That seems to be the best alternative available and reportedly does a very good job. Anything else, and I seriously mean anything else, besides the pro stuff or Cactus Juice and you would be wasting your time and money.

The second area is in the equipment. There is a limit to how much vacuum can be drawn, around 29 inches I think, but whatever it is almost any halfway decent vacuum pump can get there so that's the easy part. The professionals use a combination of vacuum and pressure but the pressure is far higher than the average guy can get with his little compressor - thousands of pounds. A really good home setup will force the goo into all the nooks and crannies in a piece of wood but the pro high pressure forces the goo into the woods cells.

I laugh when I read about how someone dyed a piece of wood after they stabilized it. Apparently, they misunderstand what stabilizing means ...


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