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I'm with Carl on this one. I prefer pinning, friction or pressure fits, or epoxy (usually in combination). Don't use solder much anymore. I 've had a few headaches with solder. I sometimes get oxidation around the joint. No matter how much I boil the blade in water and baking soda, scrub it with soap, rinse and dry in the oven - after a few weeks there are rust spots where the blade meets the solder joint. Electrolysis is another possible problem when soldering. Those soft solders contain lead, tin, antimony and other metals which are quite high on the galvanic scale meaning that they will cause steel to corrode in a "condusive' environment. Raw meat and some acidic vegetables are really bad for that. I never use any sort of solder on a knife which comes in contact with food. That lead oxide is a real b****h. Wiped out an entire civilization (Romans, that is...)

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