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Originally Posted by Armory414
Hi Swoop,
.... Have you considered how you will attach the scales to the knife tang? Because of the dust created when working with some materials, you may want at least a dust mask if not a respirator. G10 is a fiberglass laminate, and can cause damage to your respiratory system.
The original handle is attached using TORX screws (2). I will use the same method to attach the new handle. I do plan on wearing a respirator when working with either G10 or Micarta.

Originally Posted by DaveRuhlig
First of all - welcome!

Check out the stickys at the top of the "newbies arena" - there are links to tons of tutorials to help you out.
With basic tools you can certainly do this yourself, but might I suggest buying a kit knife instead of trying to replace the scale on the one you already have. Mainly because if the knife you have is build well it's going to be a real PITA to get the old scales off!
Dave - Thank you for pointing me to the tutorials in the "newbies area. The knife I just got is made of H1 steel. I am familiar with this steel since I have a "Spyderco Tasman Salt" it has the same steel. The stuff does not corrode. I used this knife in the salt last season and intentionally did not wash or clean it as a test. No corrosion.

Originally Posted by AcridSaint
Corian should hold up fine in saltwater. It works very easily with a file and other hand tools. I've never seen a bright yellow corian, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You can buy yellow G10 from masecraft.
In another thread here [] it was mentioned that corian samples can be gotten from: - they have it in yellow.
Thanks for the masecraft info, they have the yellow G10 but I will have to wait on them because of their $25 minimum, I just need one piece for now.

If anyone on the forum is putting together an order I would send them payment including postage before they added my order to theirs.

Thanks to all who have responded. Your info is very helpful. Swoop/Steve
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