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1st Timer Handle Scales??

!st Post want to say hello to members and ask some questions.

I just got a knife for my wading belt(surf fishn), I want to change out the scales on the handle, make em yellow.
Measure 4 x 1&1/4 x 1/8-3/16
I've never done any work on knives before and will be limited to hand tools; saw,files, sandpaper.
I would prefer to do this and get the satisfaction of doing for myself.
Is it possible or should I just have someone make them for me?
I was thinking of using G10 or Micarta then saw the mention of Corian here.
How will Corian holdup in the saltwater environment?

Did a google search for yellow G10 and Micarta did not find any links. Does anyone have some for sale?

Your thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated. TIA Swoop
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