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I have seen so many people on here learn the hard way including myself. To get where you want to be with the least possible learning curve, get the best possible tool. For the beginning knifemaker the cheapest route is to go with KMG. Cheaper in the long run because you will not end up buying twice. You will waste less steel and spend less on headache meds.To buy a grizz with the intention to sell it later and upgrade is to lose money and time. Buy the basic KMG and pullies with either a platen or an 8" contact wheel. either one, with a tool rest. Find a cheap motor on your own. With that base to build on, you can upgrade as money allows like adding a rotory platen and or a small wheel attachment. Even upgrade to a variable speed when one comes up cheap. In short order you can build a machine that will do everthing you need and want it to do. One of the beauties of the KMG is the ability of it to evolve itself to fit your style. All the attachments are geared towards knifemaking so one machine can be many machines. I have never heard of one person regreting going with the KMG. But have heard many a heart break story about the Grizz.

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