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I was hoping for a reply from Andy. We sometimes put too much into "propretory design". Just like everyone on the forums is generous, giving and sharing, the famous and big name knifemakers are just as if not more so. 99.99% of them have come to realize that they got where they are with a leg up from others and are more than willing to give others a boost. Most times, if you would like to copy a design you like, a simple call or email will get the blessing from a maker to copy "his design". It is all about repect and giving credit where credit is due. Even patent designs like the Spiderco hole can be copied legally for a nominal fee.

At some point in every makers career he comes to the realization that his super secret kick ass design has been done a hundred times in the past. It is not shameful. It is a tribute to mankind. We stand on the shoulders of giants and should embrace the notion. Landing on the moon started with the invention of the wheel. Just my thoughts on the subject.

Here is a pic of an Italian hole assist opening knife from the 1850's

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