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This case is getting interesting to say the least. LTC Steve Moore, Gen. Hal Moore's son, sent me a picture of his grandfather, Col. Compton, the original owner of the knife. Guess who is in the picture...

The inscription reads "Colonel, I'll remember this and our other enjoyable times together, Always, 'Bo'." Apparently Col. Compton was good friends with "Bo."

And this is a lesson of sorts. When you think you know everything, something comes along that says you don't. The only way to explore is to exchange and interact. One question leads to another... but the questions won't be asked if some are so sure they already have the answer that it creates a negative environment. My two bits. So, Joe, please quit being arbitrary and confrontational. You've stated your position and it isn't agreed to...that is fine. But your opinion is no reason to stake out a position and declare it the word-of-god.. because it isn't.

Im going to see if I can find out how Col. Compton and Bo knew each other. Also, LTC Steve is going to ask his brother, Col. Dave Moore, if he was given Gen. Moore's knife when he graduated from Ranger school...So the search for the DSC knife goes on. In the meantime, Col. Compton's knife, what a cool find.. thanks to LTC Steve.

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