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Amazing Provenance aside, Jack. The knife itself is as rare as hen's teeth. There have been only a few WWII era double pinned stag fighters come to light. I can provide pics chronologically as follows:

IMO this is the earliest stag handled fighter ever seen. It's "pre" WWII and pre-dates Tune's Zacharias:

Here's that knife of his:

Here's the only other one have a pic of. There may be another in the Randall Model 1 thread on another forum, but I didn't check. This one I put late '44 or even early '45 due to the spacer set (No metal spacers):

I put your General Moore's knife late '42 or early '43 due to (1) The blade grind (Which is similar to that of Tom Dehart's Fighter which did have a metal spacer):

.....(2) The high keeper (Only on the earliest of WWII sheaths, and (3) The stone pouch set up for the long narrow Lily White Wa####a stone.

Thanks sooooooooo much for your research effort! It's quite a knife!
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