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CARBIDE is the only thing that will get through it trust be tried a lot of things, best is to order them off MSC or knife supply, I sugest getting the ones that are carbide tiped the solid carbide break very easy with only a lil bit of pressure the wrong way....I usually order mine from MSC but in a pinch I have found the 2 links below to work they just don't last as long. the key with carbide bits is to check your drill press and slow the speed either by the belyt and pulley or a variable speed either way you want it to be as slow as possible and I use 3 in 1 oil start the hole put oil on drill for a couple seconds stop more oil drill for a couple more secs stop oil and repeat no oil or to fast the bits will go very very quickly....oh also one of the links says they are hammer bits but like I said I have used them ina pinch in a drill press no proble they don't last as long as what you can order from msc tho
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