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I believe the old, old discussion about what makes a knife "Custom" comes into play here.

To most of us here Custom" means one knife made to order to suit one customer's desires.

And I think most of us would agree that a hand made knife or a piece of damascus is not made in a factory using mass production. To us, a hand made knife is made by one man from raw materials.

Now, to me, a real Custom Knifemaker makes knives to individual order, and hand makes other knives to suit himself. These are what we see at shows, etc.

Mr. jalil, I suggest you find a more suitable venue for your products. Some of the members here might get angry at someone who labels mass produced articles as Custom or Hand Made.

That's our field, not yours.

By the way, the 420 steel you say you make your knives from is junk.

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