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I'm back and making stuff happen

I got my tools out of mothballs and started building the shop out very aggressively a few months ago. Roughly 5-ish years ago I was just starting and active on here, life hit the fan HARD and I had to pack up ALL of my creative stuff and focus on survival. I'm back at it in a very well equipped shop, I have my YouTube channel set up and growing Curiosity Forge on YouTube, and I got some education from a bladesmith a little ways from home so my blades are a lot better than my first run. This knife was made at the request of a friend who is flogging it pretty hard to see how it takes the abuse. I made it out of leaf spring and did a differential heat treatment on it. It has smoothed out bevel lines because my grinder's graphite platen cover was totally gone and I hadn't yet figured out that it was the source of a lot of grind problems. The scales are made from an ironwood bowl/plate thingie I picked up at Goodwill for $1. I've also started making my own damascus steel from scratch so those blades should be showing up soon, especially when I finish off my edc kiridashi.
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