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Ed Caffrey 07-04-2017 11:19 AM

Knife Maker Training! A new platform to learn Knifemaking/Bladesmithing
Exciting news! For years I have been keeping notes, in hopes of someday writing/producing a book about knifemaking. Not long ago that Conjunction with Legacy Studio Productions, I am proud to announce the start of a new era..... KNIFEMAKERTRAINING.COM

We are just in the beginning stages, but the intent is to offer a full scope of knifemaker training videos, some free, some paid, and even some full length features that can either be downloaded, or purchased on DVD or USB stick. We will also be updating/reproducing my Basic Bladesmithing, Basic Damascus, and Mosaic Damascus Videos as time allows. I also intend to add more subject specific full length videos on specific Mosaic Damascus patterns as well as specific task oriented videos such as grinding, guards, handles, and every other aspect of knifemaking...... your input is always welcome for video ideas!

The idea is to encompass as much information as I can relay, on how to produce custom knives. There are a number of resources, including a new website, where videos can be viewed, downlaod, or purchased a Facebook Page, where all the latest info will be hosted, and a Facebook Group, which will allow others to join the group, post questions, and make requests for video subjects,........ and who knows what else! This will be an ever evolving platform, where I hope to leave a legacy of knifemaking knowledge!

Feel free to contact me with ideas for videos you'd like to see. You can do that via the forums, through the Facebook pages, or via email. I'm just gona be the monkey in front of the camera.....I'm leaving all the "business stuff" up to Legacy Studios! :)... right where it should be!:D

Ed Caffrey 07-07-2017 05:59 PM

Next video should be on the site over the weekend! We just finished filming how to build, and seamlessly install a guard on a hidden tang blade!

Feel free to join in on the Facebook pages are in the first post.

Ed Caffrey 08-17-2017 08:25 AM

New videos available! The latest video is on forging hammers, and hammer theory. We'll have another new one up withing a few days!

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