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Neil McCauley 04-02-2016 09:56 AM

Dremel Rotary Station vs real Drill Press ?

Anyone use one of these for drilling wood scales? Can't afford a drill press at the moment, but I do have a dremel. Rotary station is only 40 bucks.

I'm doing the three 3/32" holes in 3/8" thick black walnut scales for a DDR3.

RBNchattanooga 04-08-2016 07:34 AM

I don't have any experience with the rotary station, but I have drilled wood with dremel tools. The station might work okay for wood, but I think you'd be better off picking up a used table top drill press. You can find them used on craigslist for less than the $40 posted for the rotary station and it will be much better suited for any heavier drilling. I picked up a used ("to drill 3 holes during kitchen installation") Skil drill press for $65.

damon 04-08-2016 10:56 AM

get the right tool the first time!

check flea markets, yard sales, or online to find a used one.
ive used a small one from harbor freight that has worked for years.

jimmontg 04-08-2016 04:51 PM

Harbor freight has a drill press for 70 bucks.

Crex 04-12-2016 05:05 AM

It will work for a little while. I use dremels and flex shafts a lot in my shop, but drilling holes Except in my miniatures is best left to a real drill press. The dremel's bearings and motor were not designed for those kind of pressures and torq issues and will wear out pretty fast. Especially if drilling a lot of holes 3/32 or larger.
Get a cheap used/new bench press or you will wind up spending more replacing your dremel (and still only have the dremel).

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