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skydiver 01-03-2009 02:26 PM

Metal Supplier?
Hi there. I am very new to knife making and am looking for a good quality inexpensive metal supplier.
Just wondering what your suggestions are.
Any help is much appreciated.



SVanderkolff 01-03-2009 04:35 PM

I guess it depends a whole lot on where youare. Getting a supplier that is both really good and really cheap is very difficult , generally you get one or the other. What type of steel are you looking for? stainless, carbon, forging, stock removal? It all makes a difference. BTW welcome.

AUBE 01-03-2009 04:43 PM

Welcome to the forums!

Some people have had bad experiences with Admiral Steel but I've been really happy with their prices and service.

skydiver 01-03-2009 08:14 PM

From what I've educated myself on so far it seems that I'm looking for A-2 or O-1.
Apparently they exhibit properties conducive to a beginner's talent.

Also, what thickness should i begin with if my blade will ultimately be 3/16?
I notice that it's a standard measurement for ground tool steel, but from what ive read about crafting knives it seems that most people end up grinding the sides to ensure the knife blade will be straight... so should i go with a slightly thicker peace of metal? Or do people not grind the sides at all?

Thanks for the help

skydiver 01-03-2009 08:17 PM

Hahaha, SVanderkolff - I just read your website. I am actually starting this knife making journey with the idea that i'll make a few throwing knives for myself and friends. It's kind of a hobby of ours. Then i intend to branch out a little bit.
Any advice on the proper steel for a thrower?

AUBE 01-03-2009 08:38 PM

Do you plan on heat treating the knives yourself? If so the higher allow steels like A2 are pickier to heat treat than oil hardening steels like O1. O1 is an excellent choice for most knives. For throwing knives I would go with a something along the lines of 1060, 1075, 5160. They won't hold an edge as long as O1 but there is less of a chance of the tips snapping off if they are heat treated properly.

Most people I know just use 3/16" thick steel when making a 3/16" thick straight knife. It will come out a little undersized but acceptable. If you're making a folder or the thickness is critical you will need to buy "oversized" tool steel, or the next size up....which for plain carbon steels like 1060 is usually 1/4"

skydiver 01-03-2009 09:01 PM

Ok. First I haven't decided if I am going to heat treat them myself. To begin with I may simply because I'm working on the grinding and shaping and what not, the absolute best quality finished product isn't the goal just yet.
Another question - and this one might sound stupid, If I order HR 1075/1080, the hot rolled stock... is that a literal roll of steel, or is it flat?
Also, will I want to heat treat this steel after the shaping?

Thanks again

Doug Lester 01-03-2009 10:41 PM

The only stupid questions are the ones that you needed to ask to keep from making a mistake but didn't. The steel will be flat stock. The hot rolled describes the condition of the steel when it was rolled flat to thickness.

Doug Lester

skydiver 01-04-2009 07:56 AM

Awesome, now i can buy it with confidence. Thanks

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