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Hunter10139 04-26-2017 04:18 PM

Finally making a few more.....
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....including one for the KITH. I thought I might do a WIP thread so here are my first 2 pics of the three knives, one after profiling and one after drilling and hardening. For those wondering, these are 1095 water quenched prior to grinding bevels.

Edit: Forgot to mention, the top one in the photos is supposed to be the KITH knife. Unfortunately it warped during the heat treatment so I'm going to try to straighten it during the temper. If it refuses to straighten I may have to start fresh.

dtec1 04-27-2017 08:57 AM

Good job they look good so far. I never quench in water. I use parks 50 90% of the time most of my knives are shorter so very rarely do I end up with a warp. But I forged a very long (for me anyway 18inch ) knife when I went to HT I got a warp in it. To get it out I knew I would have to Re HT so I was planning on normalizing then heating it in the forge and flattening it. However I realized on the first normalizing cycle it was hot enough to flatten so on the second cycle I pulled it out and straightened it with a hammer.....then did 2 normalize cycles and its dead straight now so I will try to HT again today hopefully no warp this time. If you gota get it hot enough to normalize any way wht not straighten it out right then and there

Hunter10139 04-27-2017 03:27 PM

I can't really justify to the wife spending the money on parks 50 unfortunately. I also find that while water is riskier, it's also cleaner and easier to use than oil. Plus, I've had a relatively easy time straightening blades during the temper before so I'm hoping everything will be okay this time. I don't forge so most of the time I don't see any significant warping, this just must've been some sort of stress I induced in the steel while grinding it.

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